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Meet Sabrina...

Your success is inevitable... if you don't quit!

Sabrina Militello

Sabrina Militello speaker

As a Jay Shetty Certified Life Coach, with a specialisation in Empowerment Coaching, my goal is to help YOU achieve YOUR goals! I have spent over a decade working with women on their goal achievement and one thing remains glaringly obvious: we don't believe in ourselves and our dreams enough to stick with 'it' long enough to see 'it' work.

In my career, 'it' has been new nutrition habits, 'it' has been exercise routines, a consistent yoga practice and business building activities. Whatever the 'it', we quit far too early, often right before our miracle happens.

I am here to help you find clarity on your 'it', create conviction in making 'it' happen and build unflinching confidence in your ability to achieve it all! 

Here to make magic, together.

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