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Your story, our community, Your transformation!

You want to lose weight, get strong and create a sustainable healthy lifestyle so that you can rock out with confidence this summer/at that family event/ready for that milestone birthday! What I see most people doing, however, is hopping from one plan to the next, desperately hoping that this one will be the right one, but inevitably starting yet another Monday with that feeling of defeat and frustration because it's just. not. working!!

I have found that if you just do this one thing, you will not only achieve that elusive goal, but you'll do so in a way that honours your priorities, educates and empowers you in the process and let's you live your damn life!

The one thing?

MAKE IT MAKE SENSE FOR YOU! Instead of continuing to look for the 'right way' - you know, the way that works so beautifully for home girl over there, but that you've tried 12 times and it just does not seem to have the same effect on you - how about we CREATE the right way FOR YOU?!

Simple, right?! Doesn't that just feel better already?!

So how do we do that? Read on for the 'The Latest and Greatest' below

<Even if the 'latest and greatest' below does not sound like it's for you but you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, I can help you!>


DISCLAIMER - I take my role as your coach VERY seriously so if you are not ready to commit and be held accountable to achieving your goals, you are not ready to work with me! If you're fed up of being fed up, let's go!

This truly is a recipe for long-term success.



The Latest and Greatest:

I am pleased to announce that I am now accepting participants for my exclusive 'Make It Make Sense (M.I.M.S) Method' coaching program!

Starting soon: Empow(H)er!

When: February 27th 2023

How long: 8 Weeks

Where: Our Online Wellness Studio!

Friend, it's time to get real about the lifestyle transformation we want to create - I just turned 40 and I know I need it!

Through my many years working with HUNDREDS of women on their health and fitness goals, I have learned that the ONE THING standing in the way of you achieving your goals is Making It Make Sense for YOU; your specific struggles and your current life season!

It is time to overcome those barriers and FINALLY transform your body, mind and life the way you have been dreaming of doing for too long by creating your own way, through my systematic approach to whole-istic health!

This community will hold you accountable and the way we work TOGETHER will rock your world!

It's time for us to stop looking for the right way and instead CREATE the right way FOR US!

1. Nutrition is key!

Now is the time to take control of what we can control - the foods we eat, the habits we have, and how these things combined are creating the reality we are currently living. Change the things we do daily.... change the reality.

  • Exclusive access to done-for-you fully customisable nutrition plan that you can plug into the busiest life ever, helping you lose weight, feel satisfied, and still live your best life!

  • Exclusive access to our commUNITY hub with a challenge-like environment, that will inspire you to show up, especially on those days when you feel like you have nothing left to give!

  • My proven accountability system that will help you find your deepest motivation and strengths so that you show up consistently even when life gets crazy!

  • 1:1 coaching on our weekly commUNITY calls to dig deeper into YOUR specific struggles and give you the answers you really need to keep moving forward!

  • Physical and mental results that will stop the vicious cycle, helping you create the sustainable healthy lifestyle you have always wanted!

Click below to slide into my inbox, say "I'm ready, Sabs", and I'll get you all the details!
Go on... it's time to stop with the excuses. We've been through enough - it's time to live now!

Get a sneak peek into what our communities look like here ;o)

2. About the Exercise part:

Sure Thing!

Sure Thing!

Play Video

TRAINER: Megan Davies

LENGTH: 8 weeks

DAILY COMMITMENT:  30-40 minutes per day, 5 days per week

BEST FOR: All levels.

The next 8 weeks are about daily healthy actions that support your entire body. You’ll cover every angle by combining Megan’s proven TYPE TRAINING™, simple nutrition, supplementation as needed and a supportive, safe-space commUNITY doing it right alongside you. The emphasis is on progress, not perfection, as you alternate between endurance and power-based strength training. Watch your confidence grow and build strength, move by move, day by day, as your success becomes a sure thing!

WARNING: Be ready to FULLY commit to this entire process! This just won't work unless you do!


Keeping it simple and teaching you HOW to eat for optimal health, with an emphasis on portion control and Gut Health-y practices and how to make this work for your lifestyle! All the education and resources you need to FINALLY take control of your health amongst a community there to support you!


Light, medium and heavy dumbbells

Strength Slides (comes in your package)

Mat (optional)


Anyone and everyone who is ready to make a positive change and overcome the excuses that have kept them stuck for too long. I tell my people all the time that they have had the power all along... and so do you.

*** if this program does not sound quite right for you, I am here to Make It Make Sense FOR YOU! Let's chat!



Let's do this!

Once you have purchased your program package, you will be added to our exclusive #InspiredNation online commUNITY where you will have access to ME, the other members of our badass fit fam, our dedicated YouTube channel and SO MUCH MORE!

Get in touch with me below - we will talk about your goals and appropriate package options - and then let's get this party started!

Real program results:

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