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Interested in becoming a part of TeamIEF?

Together, we Inspire and Empower through Fitness, Fun and Freedom!

I see you, boo!

If you've been peeping my blog and/or social media platforms and wondering what on earth it is that I do, I want to share with you this incredible opportunity that was once shared with me.

Rewind a few years back, I was an incredibly busy person, juggling personal training clients, being co-owner of a boutique fitness studio and studying to expand my knowledge in my field when this Coaching opportunity was shared with me. I definitely "did not have the time" but something about the premise of this business stuck out to me.

Fast forward to now and 100% of my business is online! I am no longer waking up at 3am to train/teach and going to bed at 11pm after training/teaching! I am no longer juggling building one business, managing another and trying to make time for my own professional development, not to mention my family!

My work life is still challenging (I'm building a business that will create a legacy for my family, after all) but it is work that nurtures me, compliments my values, serves others in a profound way, and has a definitive direction that I am in control of! 

What would your life look like if you could say the same?

I will teach you how to emerge as the CEO of your own successful international business, rooted in your own mission and vision, working on your own terms from anywhere, all through your computer/smart phone.

All you have to do is keep an open mind, commit to working on being your best self, help others find that for themselves and share the journey along the way!

Doing these things has enabled me to establish myself as a motivator and mentor, using my life to bring healing and happiness to the lives of others.

What could YOU create for your life if you had the platform to create ANYTHING?!

Let's talk more about becoming a BODi partner and Coach on TeamIEF (part of the #7 team within the entire network) so that you can find out!

** Must be over 18 and a resident of the USA, UK, Canada or France.

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