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'E.M Masterclass'

A dynamic & systematic group Coaching program designed
to have you showing up consistently to build the business of your dreams!

Start spending intentional and productive time on your business growth, seeing results like you have never seen before, without working all day and night.

Sabrina shares all that she has learned through her (business building) process to ensure our success! It's so awesome! I have been floundering through this journey... and she is the first to really connect and give tools that are actually helping me." - TA


"Sabrina's framework took the 'it's too big/audacious/far away" feelings and booted them out of the door so that I can dig into an exciting plan for this year and beyond! I am so grateful that... invested in my development. (Sabrina) is a transformational leader." - JM

Coaching Content

Weeks 2/6/10: MINDSET - getting clarity on what it is that you WANT and the beliefs that are blocking you from being able to execute on that mission.
Weeks 3/7/11: ACTION - how the actions you take/don't take are actually determined by more than just the time/energy/strategy you have/don't have.
Weeks 4/8/12: OVERCOMING - identifying 'the suck' and reshaping our relationship with life's obstacles that are an inevitable part of the process.
Weeks 5/9/13: LIVE Q&A and HOT SEAT SESSION  - with this ‘level up’ version of yourself now taking shape, we come together as a group for a live conversation about the month's content and some in-the-moment Coaching on individual issues.
***Weekly themes progress, building on each other throughout the 13 week program

Tools/Techniques to build the most empowered you:

PUSH Coaching
Life Audit resources
Guided Vision exercise
Building your winning habits
Live weekly trainings
Peer group chat thread
Self-assessment tools & trackers
Training & Workshop library
PUSH Coaching integration

"I joined Sabrina recently thanks to my dear friend, A - My realization is that I can do tough things if I deal with the chatter in my mind! Sabrina's reccomendations... work! Try it out!" - SG.

"Sabrina says things with such empathy for the struggles we have! I totally feel seen and heard and understood, without feeling preached to, just nudged onwards!" - JC.

Are you FINALLY ready to learn how to...

... create your perfect system that enables you to show up consistently to build the business you dream of; a business that positively impacts your corner of the Universe and provides the options and freedoms you crave for you and your loved ones?

Well then, this is the space for you!

You know what to do. You have heard all the tricks and strategies and how-to's from all the people you admire in your industry, people who seem to have it all figured out. But, no matter what you do, you just can't seem to get any of it to work for you. And because "it's not working" (your thoughts, not mine), you struggle to keep showing up with empowered energy.

What if you got around people who have been where you are, who understand how REAL the struggle is, and who will provide you with an environment dedicated to figuring it out?

It's time to decide that with your hopes and dreams at the wheel, you will no longer allow fear and doubt to drive the car. You will be held for 13 weeks within a systematic approach to hacking your mindset and habits, so that you can execute on what really matters, achieving results like you never have before, without sacrificing time with your family.

What to expect:

Weekly Live calls - always recorded 

Weekly actions corresponding to the week's Coaching topic

Community Hub for accountability & peer support

Tools & Resources library

3 month investment (but stick with us as long as you like!)

E.M Masterclass Membership



Every month

Small group Coaching program

Valid until canceled

Live weekly group calls

Weekly action steps

Community Hub

Tools & Resources library

Empow(H)er Coaching

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