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Are you really going 'all in'?

“If you’re half in, don’t be shocked that you’re getting half as much” - @BrendonBurchard Oooooof 😮‍💨⁣ Did that hit you in your stomach like it hit me in mine?⁣ I tried EVERYTHING on my weight loss journey. Literally EVERYTHING (hello, baked potato diet 👋🏽, you suck!). ⁣ I tried everything when trying to build my business to a level that gave me certain options in my life that were important to me (like not having to ask someone for permission to take time away for my mental health).⁣ Let me rephrase….⁣ I THOUGHT I’d tried everything. ⁣ Do you want to know what I HAD NOT tried?⁣ I’d never tried not doubting my ability to succeed.⁣ Gaaaahhhh!!!!⁣ When I look back now, I think, “Sabs, imagine how much sooner you would have got here if you’d just believed enough to stop stopping!”⁣ Because that’s what it means to be “half in”, right?⁣ We can bring ourselves to do ‘the things’ for a few weeks, maybe even a month or two, until we hit a roadblock. I know you know what I’m saying… that moment when ‘it’ gets hard. ⁣ And instead of doing what someone who is “all in” does, we back up, we listen to the bitch inside our head with all her negative juju, we start to look at the inconvenience of those daily tasks, we start to doubt, doubt, doubt. ⁣ And we end up doubting that we can pull this thing off so much that we stop doing those ‘inconvenient’ things. ⁣ We settle into our “half in”-ness. ⁣ And then we get mad that we’re not seeing the results that home girl over there is seeing!!⁣ Why do we do this to ourselves?!⁣ Seriously… answer me this… why is it SO HARD to believe in yourself enough to go “all in” on your dreams?⁣ Love you. Mean it.

Sabs 💋⁣

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