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Make It Make Sense!

In this post, I’m going to show you how to eat so that you lose the weight you’ve been holding onto without sacrificing your summer fun!⁣

The mistake I see people making is that they desperately try to do what works for ‘her’ and get so damn frustrated that it doesn’t work for them, that they quit altogether!

This causes an insane vicious cycle of start-stop-start-stop as you watch the scale inch further up as the yeeeeeaaarrrrrrs continue to pass by.⁣

There are a multitude of ways we approach breaking the cycle in the #InspiredNation M.I.M.S Method, but I want to give you my favourite way right now so that you can start making a change today!⁣

The principle is simple: What makes most sense for YOUR current life season??⁣

You see, most people believe that this has to look a particular way so they try to squeeze their square-peg life into this round-hole strategy that just does not make sense for them! This creates frustration because it’s just not working, defeat because it feels like there is something wrong with you, and ultimate failure when you get so sick of ‘doing the things’ but only ever feeling frustrated and defeated 😤😩!⁣

Doesn’t the thought of doing it in a way that makes sense for YOU just sound waaaaaay easier?!⁣

Look at the season of life you’re in right now. How can you make simple commitments to cleaning up your nutrition that make sense for you?⁣

Maybe it’s a commitment to eating more vegetables every day. Maybe it’s vowing to drink a glass of water for every alcoholic beverage this weekend? Maybe it’s taking a fresh, cold, juicy, fruit salad to all those BBQ’s this summer so that you’ll have a dessert available that fits for you?⁣

Her way works for her because it’s her way.⁣

Find YOUR way. ⁣

If you’d like to dive deeper on HOW to do this, I’m here to serve you! Everything you need to reach your goals is already on the inside of you, I truly believe that you can do this by yourself. I’m just committed to helping you fast track the process of finding your way and getting this thing done!⁣

Contact me and we’ll talk about the M.I.M.S Method for you 💋⁣


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