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Why, hello there!

Well, this is different! I am used to having a word maximum when it comes to writing on a social media platform but here I am with this blank page full of opportunities! I'm sorry (not sorry) for any lengthy posts that may lie in our futures together.

It's very nice to meet you, person on the inter-web. I am Sabrina and it is my supreme pleasure to be given your attention. If you wish, you can read a little bit about me on the pages of this site but I'm going to use my first real blogging experience to tell you why I'm here.

So, I am an African-born, British-bred, American-transplant just out here in good ol' Texas trying to make an impact on the health of this country (and the world) one workout, nutrition tip and goal-setting session at a time. And I am ALL about collaboration - I welcome any comments (clean), questions (fun) and enquiries (I'm a business woman yo) that you may have. I'm intending to post twice per week (I think Wednesday and Saturday sound like good word-vomit days) and I promise that I will be a consistent presence in your life if you should choose. I will be sharing full-length workouts, fun exercise tips, nutrition guidelines, motivation, health and fitness coaching (did I mention that I'm a business woman yo) and whatever else is in my brain at the time! I love to set goals and then smash my way through them and I am beyond passionate about guiding and supporting others as they do the same. Need an accountability partner in health, fitness and life? Well, hello there! It's lovely to make your acquaintance.

Sabs xx

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