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Clap for your damn self!

The lessons learned in the gym are not always about how strong we are or how fit we can become.

While I was in the gym today, I was approached by a woman I have been admiring for ever! You know, that person you see all the time who has an epic physique and is just so strong and you wish you could be just like her when you grow up?! Well, SHE came up to me today and told me how great I was looking and how much she always admires me because I am so strong and my body is "phenomenal". Yes, she used the word phenomenal whilst describing my body! After I picked my jaw up off the floor, and asked her when her last eye appointment was, I thanked her for her compliments and then proceeded to fan-girl all over her! Needless to say, we had a mutual appreciation society meeting right there on the gym floor!

My point in sharing this encounter with you is to demonstrate just how far removed we can sometimes be from the way the world sees us. I was not feeling great today - Gio and I went out for pizza last night and even though I didn't actually eat that much, all that cheese was not treating my stomach kindly! I still feel bloated and heavy. So to get a compliment like that when I am not feeling like I look my best was just mind blowing. I know that I need to do a better job of being my own cheerleader and not being so self-critical all the time. I need to celebrate all the progress I have made, all the 'sacrifices' that have got me to this point and CLAP FOR MY DAMN SELF!

Wherever you are on your journey; completed your first workout today, got to your target weight, ate your first vegetable since before you can remember, hit a new PR on Insanity: Max30, wherever you are, I want you to take a second and CLAP FOR YOUR DAMN SELF! Celebrate your achievement, cheer yourself on, give yourself props for taking action! Every action, every day, builds momentum and with that momentum, you find a new level of commitment. With that level of commitment, you will succeed. There's no question about it; You. Will. Succeed!

So, stay the course guys. The world can see how hard you are working. Enjoy the journey by celebrating the little things along the way. After all, it's the little things that add up and turn into that big thing you are working for!

Workout from today (SS=Superset)


* Deadlifts x8; 4 sets

* Back Squat x8 SS Bent Over Row x10; 3 sets

* Cable Squat x15 SS Close-grip Row from the floor x10; 3 sets

* Single-leg Leg Press (sideways on) x12 on each leg SS Plank Dumbbell Row x12 (alternating); 3 sets

* Zercher Squat x10 SS Plank Cable Pull x10 (each side); 3 sets

Get it done and don't forget to clap for your damn self!

I promise that the sweat on the mirror isn't all mine...maybe.

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