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“No such thing as a life that’s better than yours”.

A friend of mine recently told me, upon sharing some struggles I was having, that she would never guess that I was dealing with that particular issue because “I look like I have my life completely together”. I nearly fell off the chair!

Were anyone to spend 24 hours a day with me, they would wholeheartedly agree that I am a complete shit show who only dreams of one day/someday having her life together! But guess what, I am happy, healthy, safe and secure so I’ll take this shit show and work on making her better every single day.

There is no point taking a look at other people and wishing that you have what they have or that your life could look more like their lives. J. Cole has it right; there really is no such thing as a life that is better than yours. Everybody goes through shit, everybody struggles, everybody is just trying to do their best. You have to engage with the life you have and, if it is not meeting your expectations, CHANGE IT! That ability lies with you and you alone. Take action.

In the book I’m reading right now (Living with Intent by Mallika Chopra), the author is talking about the fact that she has made a living off of guiding people to be more intentional, creating visions for their lives based around meditation in order to discover where they are lacking and how to set that right. But, she says, all of that is completely pointless if you don’t then take action on your intentions.

You can daydream all day long about having this or doing that or being this or achieving that but if you don’t take purposeful action, it remains just a dream. If you see yourself as lacking in some way, CHANGE IT! Get into action around what you want; yes it’s scary, yes you’ll likely be uncomfortable, but isn’t that better than standing still, looking over your neighbor’s fence and wondering how they get their grass to be so green?

In my opinion, the resounding answer is hell, yes!

I am happy, healthy, safe and secure because I take purposeful action to make my life look a certain way. And, just so you know, I am uncomfortable, I get anxious and I do not have all the answers. In fact some days, this shit show becomes a shit circus but that’s ok! You’ve got to buckle up and decide if what you want your life to look like is worth the show. For me, it really is – in fact, the more uncomfortable and unequipped I feel, the more I know that I’m on the right path.

“For what’s money without happiness, or hard times without the people you love? Though I’m not sure what’s ‘bout to happen next, I ask for strength from the lord up above… There’s beauty in the struggle, ugliness in the success…”– ‘Love Yourz’ by J. Cole.

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