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Motivation vs Discipline. Which one will win?

I've been talking about this on my social media platforms a lot recently, mostly because it's something that I've been contemplating a lot recently! Motivation is the thing that I think GET'S you going, but you have to cultivate Discipline in order to KEEP going.

Motivation is that person that get's the party started! It's the first one on the dance floor and the one that will surely entice you to take a shot, talk to 'that' guy and just. have. fun! With your friend motivation, all things seems possible!

However, the night must come to an end, and as the hangover sets in, you realize something; nobody can feel motivated all the time. Nobody. Not me, not you, not Michael Jordan or Drake! It's just not reasonable to expect that from yourself. Life happens - sadness, illness, pain, fear, loss. Not to mention those days when adulting just seems way too demanding! It's on these days that you have to have something to fall back on. This is where Discipline enters the game.

Discipline is that friend who forces you to take a long hard look at your life and encourages you to make good choices. It's not necessarily the friend that you call when you want to take a girls trip to Vegas but it is the friend that is always there to pick you up when you fall down.

For a sane and balanced life, you have to have both; the fun-filled and exciting friend that gets you moving and grooving and the stable and secure friend that helps you keep your head on your shoulders and moving on your right path.

For me, Motivation is sporadic and, depending on my season of life, can be fleeting but it's Discipline that helps me win at life. And every day that I get up, work out, eat right, work on my goals and spend quality time with the people I love, I am winning.

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