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The moment you think about giving up...that's the moment you lose.

I've honestly been feeling pretty overwhelmed and mentally unclear recently. I have been focusing on expanding my business, being who I need to be for my clients and my team and looking ahead to some pretty lofty goals with a brain that is about to explode!

We all go through times of overwhelm, times where we feel stressed and bogged down with the demands placed upon us. I consider myself very lucky that all the pressure I feel is pressure that I place on myself to achieve what I want to achieve. It's all up to me and while yes, I'm feeling the stress of it right now, I know that it only requires a mental shift for me to come out the other side.

Do you want to know how I make that shift?

It always starts with moving my body.

Physical fitness is such a mental game, I've said it before and I'll say it again, and I use the demands placed on my body to help me strengthen my mind. Truly - every time I have to push a little harder to finish a workout strong, I know that I am getting mentally stronger, because it's the mind that craps out before the body does. When you can train your body to a point where your mind has to take over in order to finish, you are challenging your mental toughness. It is this resilience that enables you to become strong-willed and determined enough to survive those stressful and overwhelming times in your life. And not just survive; thrive!

All of my most dominating and mind-altering life lessons have been learned in the gym. Every time I can tell myself to not give up on my goals, to stay the course no matter how impossible it may seem, to believe that I can, I know that it is my physical strength that has created that level of mental focus.

It doesn't work like that for everyone, and I know that not everyone is as committed to their physical fitness as I am, but if I can share one thing about how to manage stress in you life, it would be to get physically stronger in your body. The endorphins alone will make everything a little easier!

So, I'm going to sign off and await Hurricane Harvey's arrival here in North Houston. Everyone, please stay safe.

Sabs xxx

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