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The Comparison Game

The comparison game is the worst game ever.

When you find yourself comparing yourself to others, it can take away from all the progress and success you have had because, "compared to Mary Jane I haven't actually achieved anything". And that can be the death of your progress.

Look, I'm all about having people in your life that you look up to and that drive you to do more and be better. That's a positive force in your life. The trouble comes when you place so much significance on the difference between where they are and where you are, in life/career/relationships, that you become frozen and unable to continue on your own path. That is nothing but negative, negative, negative.

It's great to be aware of what others in your field or stage of life are up to, but sometimes it is more beneficial to your growth to put your blinders on and keep pressing forward towards your goals with a single minded focus. And that's not bad! I think we live in a society where it is so easy to compare wha your life looks like with others. And often we are comparing our beginning with the other person's end, so of course we come up with the short end of the stick! It's ok to be a beginner, it's actually necessary in order for you to set a foundation to your success, and you cannot be one of the people in your life that belittle your progress. Trust me, there are plenty of people you will meet that will take up that role.

Cut yourself some slack and stop playing the comparison game! Be you, do you, own the individual you are and go on YOUR journey. Trust in the process - you can be sure that the person you are mooning over did not find that success/accomplishment overnight. They worked hard, they took consistent action and they didn't quit until they reached their goal.

This is going to be the theme of my next fitness challenge with my clients - what do you think?!

Sabs xxx

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