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Paying it forward

I've talked a lot on my social media platforms about my High Fat Low Carb and Intermittent Fasting lifestyle and I honestly hope that some of what I have shared has made a difference for you in how you think about nutrition. And on that point, I want to continue to educate you and maybe challenge your preconceptions.

I have been presented with an incredible opportunity to take part in a Beta Test for the development of a new nutrition program which will have me and some other participants commit to following a HFLC and IF nutrition plan for 12 weeks - no treats, no deviations, no excuses. There will be blood work analysis before and after as well as progress pictures/measurements at intervals throughout so there's no cheating or hiding! Now, you may think that because my lifestyle is already geared up that way this is no big woop. I'm here to tell you that I am very nervous! I have NEVER before committed to anything to do with nutrition 100% for that length of time! There's always a treat/refeed meal weekly, there's always some kind of celebration or impromptu 'live life' type night out, there's always something. But, allowing those somethings to exist has kept me in this place of pursuing my aesthetic goals and working on my relationship with food. I'm done! I'm ready to be put in a position where I have no choice (for fear of ruining the data collection process for the greater good) but to finally zero in and get to where I want to be. Because I know that 12 weeks is a transformative amount of time and I know that the discomfort of the process will force the change I am looking for. And we start right at the end of November which means that the 12 weeks of no excuses includes the Christmas and New Year celebration season. Arrrrgggghhhhh!!!!! But, I'm going for it because truly, what's 3 months in the grand scheme of things? I get to celebrate lots of events with my family and friends throughout the year, but how many opportunities like this come my way?

In order to provide data and empirical evidence for the argument behind living a High Fat Low Carb lifestyle and the impact that Intermittent Fasting can have on fat metabolism, I am willing to be uncomfortable. Hopefully it will become a pay-it-forward type of situation where others will be able to see the potential and so be inspired to make that positive change for their own health!

So, I've decided that I'm going to blog about the process. I'm going to share the ups and the downs, the wins and the struggles and I would honestly LOVE to have some of my people be on the journey with me! If you are at all intrigued by this opportunity and you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, contact me for more details. We'll be working with a Dr, a nutrition expert and a Super Trainer so the support and accountability will be unparalleled - it's time.

Sabs xxx

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