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Happiness is a How not a What

Seize the day, guys! Don't wait until January to set goals for your future, do it now and just think of how much progress you could already have made by the time 2018 rolls around. We all have things that we want to achieve in this life and I implore you to stop just talking about it and go out and actually BE about it!

Here are 7 Goal Setting Guidelines to help you organize your thoughts and get into action around your needs, wants and desires:

1. Don't just think it - Ink it.

Let your mind run wild and write down all the things that come to you.

2. Suspend reality.

Write, without constraints or self-imposed limitations. If money, time, skills, qualifications were not an issue, what would you do/be?

3. Think big.

Set yourself a BHAG - a Big Hairy Audacious Goal. It should be scary, it should feel 'impossible', it should represent your deepest desires.

4. State in the positive.

Decide what you want to move towards rather than focusing on what you want to get away from. e.g. instead of saying "I will get out of debt", say "I will be financially free".

5. State in the 'I am'.

When writing, talk in the first person, as if you have already achieved that thing. e.g. instead of saying "I will be financially free", say 'I am financially free". And ensure that you give yourself a deadline of when these statements will be true. e.g "I am financially free by August 2018".

6. Be sure that your goals are YOURS.

Not what you think you should want or what you know other people want for you. What do you want your future to be?

7. Make sure your goals align with your values.

Never sacrifice your core beliefs and set your goals with that BHAG in mind - what do you need to do now to bring that big picture goal to reality?

**Steps created by Darren Hardy.

Now, go! Get your creative juices flowing and start manifesting what you want your future to be. By the time the ball drops on New Years eve, you could have already achieved some of those goals and be steps closer to creating the future of your dreams.

Tell me how I can help!

Ciao for now,

Sabs xxxx

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