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More food than I thought possible...

My goodness guys, week one packed a bigger punch than I was expecting!

Firstly, the painters came to visit right on Monday so that left me with the predictable side effects of bloating, lethargy and emotional instability! Plus, we were getting our house ready for sale and hubby is flying out tomorrow to get started on his new job, leaving me here to navigate viewings and offers and (hopefully) the sale while being so far away from him - emotional landmine like you would not believe! Combine that with more food than I have ever seen on a meal plan EVER (whilst still being in the 1500-1800 daily calorie bracket) and you can say that I was feeling mentally and physically heavy.

Even though everything I was feeling was justifiable and totally accounted for, I was not in a good headspace last week at all!

I felt fat (FYI 'fat' is not an emotion), I felt a little hopeless, I felt lonely and I felt ridiculous for feeling any of that stuff. Pile the shame on top of everything else!

But, that being said, I stuck with my nutrition plan, my eating window and my daily workouts like it was my job. Because, well, it is (!) but also because I committed to this journey and I'm from a no-excuses household. I am approaching this challenge like there is no other option - that's how I keep my head in the game even when I lack the motivation to do so.

  • I eat between 12.30pm and 8.30pm and fast the remainder of the time (black coffee, tea and water is allowed)

  • I eat 3 times per day - 'breakfast', lunch and dinner

  • I eat around 1750 calories per day which is more than I have for a LONG time

  • I eat 55-60% Fat - yes, you read that right!

  • I eat an adequate amount of Protein (about 20-25%)

  • I eat a decreased amount of Carbohydrates (around 15%), mainly from vegetables and superfoods

  • I am required to exercise around 30 minutes per day - I do more than that because, well, have we met?!

And this is my commitment for another 11 weeks!

Today I woke up feeling SO. MUCH. BETTER! It's as if my body needed that full week to reset, let the painters get on with their job and let my mental state get a little more stable, because today I am feeling leaner, lighter, healthier and so much happier!

And that's just in 7 days! One week! I cannot wait to see where I am physically and emotionally 11 weeks from now!

So, here's me, at the end of Day 8/84 telling you that I've got this.

Sabs xxx

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