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Not quite Victoria Secret model but...

We are in the middle of Week Three and, right now, I could not be happier!

Isn't it funny how when your viewpoint changes, the way you see the world changes? I have always looked at my reflection in the mirror with thoughts of dissatisfaction leading the way. Noticing the flaws and just wishing that the next time I look, a Victoria Secret model's body will be reflected back at me! That has not been the case for the past week or so. I can actually see the changes that a focused attention on my nutrition has made, and I have never before really seen my progress, as my husband reprimands me about all the time. And the thing that blows my mind is that I actually have positive and encouraging and uplifting thoughts when I look at my reflection! Trust me when I tell you how big a deal that is!

And do you know what else? I have probably worked out less in the past week than I have in the longest time (busy busy busy), still exercising daily but not to the same intensity as I'm used to. Maybe there is something to that whole Adrenal Fatigue thing in female athletes, hmmmm.

I am still eating a High Fat diet, I am still eating within an 8 hour window and I am still dropping 'weight'.

The bitchy side of me gets kind of mad at myself for not doing this sooner but then I remember that you can't be 'all in' until you are READY to be all in. No amount of cajoling and reprimanding yourself will make an inch of a difference if you're head is not in the game. Now, my head is all the way in the game!

I had gotten to the point of being sick and tired of my nutrition not 100% matching up with what I was doing with my workouts and that showing up in my physical body. I was done with 'still working towards the body I want' when I wasn't truly walking my talk when it came to reigning in cravings and the 'odd treat' here and there. And that's honestly all it has been - having the willpower to say 'not right now' to those sweet treats and carb-heavy comfort foods, placing greater significance on how I feel about myself than on what something tastes like. The food is always going to be there, I'll enjoy it at another time, and really enjoy it without the guilt that has always plagued me.

As they say, you have to be more focused on WHAT YOU WANT MOST THAN WHAT YOU WANT NOW.

So, it's been 17 days and I am blown away! Not only by my physical results so far but truly by the mental shift that has happened.

I am no longer a slave to my cravings, I am proving to myself every day that I am stronger than the call of the fridge/pantry and food doesn't rule my emotions and/or thoughts. If you struggle with these things, I know you can imagine how freeing that would be. And it is.

I feel free.

If you are reading this and need help, contact me! I share my journey in the hopes that it spurs you into action around your health and physical and mental well-being. I'm here for you, always.

Sabs xxx

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