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This is serious business!

Starting something new isn’t always easy, in fact I’d say it can be hard and scary as hell. With a new opportunity or challenge we are often confronted with our limitations and imperfections. Dwell on that stuff too much and, rather than diving into the newness with hope and anticipation, we get paralyzed by uncertainty and fear.

One of the things that I coach my clients on the most frequently when they commit to starting their fitness journey is all about the cost/benefit analysis. No, I’ve never been to business school (my degree is in Psychology and I despise numbers) but this is a very appropriate comparison!

You must consider the cost of staying exactly where you currently are; carrying extra weight, living a sedentary lifestyle, not carrying enough weight, eating crap all the time, poor body image, self-esteem in the toilet, bad relationships, shitty job, no prospects, destructive relationship with food, no hope.

What does staying there, in that space, with all that STUFF, mean for your future and your life as a whole?

Now consider what could be possible if you made a step in a different direction? An uncomfortable step, for sure, but a step nonetheless? What benefits do you see of losing weight, being more physically active, gaining lean muscle mass, eating nutritious foods, gaining positive body image, having more confidence, developing positive relationships, finding joy in your work, seeing a positive future, becoming free from sugar cravings, having a hopeful outlook on life?

When you analyze the costs of staying exactly where you are against the benefits of what is possible if you take action, most would agree that no matter how hard or uncomfortable the work, it’s worth it.

So, my message to you today is to do the work. Show up for that future self that enjoys all those freedoms and commit to your journey.

And when it gets hard and uncomfortable and thoughts of quitting enter your head, look back at your cost/benefit analysis. The wakeup call you need is right there.

Sabs xxx

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