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Never a mistake, always a lesson...

(That's not mine, it's Rihanna's!)

This year has been a 'bad year' for a lot of people - there has been loss, disease and dis-ease and I know that many can not wait to see the back of 2017.

I sit in a different place. While 2017 has had its challenges, compared to the year before, it has been positively glorious (just be happy that I didn't start my blog in 2016 because it would not have been uplifting reading)!

For me, 2017 has been the year of Discovery. A lot of things in my life changed and, looking back, the change was positive and very necessary - hello hindsight! Although the first half of the year was difficult and emotional, I am very grateful to have gone through that because the person that sits here now at the end of December is stronger, more resilient and more centered than the person who was in turmoil from January-June.

You see, when change happens to the extent it has happened for me this year, it is easy to get sucked into a spiral of feeling uneasy, disordered and directionless. Because our identities are so often tied to what we do and the careers we have, when that kind of stuff changes it can leave you feeling as if you've lost a part of yourself. IF you let it. And I definitely let it!

But you know what? That's ok! Sometimes you have to give yourself the time to FEEL it, because it's in that experience that you can discover a new side of yourself.

And what I discovered about myself was that I am so determined to live my purpose that I recognize that the road to getting there does not have to look the way I expected it to. It is not a linear path; there will be hills and valleys and avalanches to navigate, get around and through and, as cheesy as it sounds, in the journey lies the adventure and the joy.

So my 2017 has been the year of discovering who I truly want to be in this world. Through ALL my mistakes I have learnt so much and, because of that, I wouldn't have changed a thing.

As I sit here on the Eve of the final day of this year, I reflect on the year as a whole and a new word comes to mind: Evolution.

Sabs xxx

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