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Your way may be the high way.

Yesterday, I found myself giving my clients some advise as we prep for the start of our Total Transformation program, so I thought I would share; if even one person I know is feeling a certain way, there are plenty of people out there who are experiencing the same thing.

So here it is:

"If you do it your way, you are going to get your results"

I often have people come to me with the desire for change in some capacity; fitness, diet, motivation. If all the enquiries I received turned into a full client-coach relationship, while I wouldn't retire (because I LOVE what I do), I would be giving a lot more money to charity! And do you know why every conversation I have doesn't convert? Because it becomes very clear that in order to achieve what they want to achieve, they are going to have to take different actions. And, for some reason, not everyone understands that if they keep doing what they have been doing, they are going to keep getting what they have been getting! A surprisingly large amount of people are so uncomfortable with change that they will self-sabotage but not taking any action to move forward at all.

I can even speak from my own experience - I have had a lot of success in my weight loss journey doing things my way. But I got to a point where my way was no longer getting me to where I wanted to go. I had to abandon control and take a leap of faith that doing something new was the path I needed to take in order to get new results. That was the motivation behind jumping into the Nutrition Beta Test and it is also the motivation behind starting 80 Day Obsession. As a Coach and Influencer, I know that I need a coach and influences for myself. It is the only way to continue to be challenged. Continuous challenge = continuous change = continuous growth.

So, where are you self-sabotaging in your life? What actions are you so uncomfortable taking that it seems preferable to stay where you are. But let me ask you this; is doing it your way working for you?

Sabs xxx

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