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You choose!

Guys, I'm sitting here right now feeling a little frustrated. Just a little!

This is an issue that I am presented with SO MUCH that I am now struggling with playing good cop with it.

Here we go:

When people ask you for help, you offer them the help, they accept the help and then throw the help back in your face. And I'm not frustrated because of any inconvenience on my part, I'm frustrated because I am so passionate about people becoming empowered to reach for the things they want in their lives that I get so excited about them finally getting into action! For them! I know that making the choice to change is hard as hell (trust me, I know) so I get very serious about being there to advocate for and support my peeps! Then when they go radio silent on you, ignore your messages and essentially give up on the actions they had committed to taking to better THEIR lives, it makes me sad.

But, you know what guys? I can't want change for people more than they want it for themselves.

And that is a choice that lies with the individual.

Nobody else is going to do it for you. Wether it's a physical, mental or emotional transformation that you are seeking, YOU have to do the work. And if you choose not to, the blame lies nowhere else but with you.

Bad cop xxx

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