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"I don’t have time"...

Do you find yourself saying that about a lot of things? Are those things usually the things that would be of benefit to you personally?

Here is an exercise I often practice with my clients; instead of saying “I don’t have time”, say “it’s not a priority”. Often, when you approach the situation with that response, it sits a little icky in your stomach because you realise that whatever IS a priority! Your health is important, spending time with family members is important, meeting that deadline is important.

Try it! Replace “no time” with “not important” when talking about the things you ‘can’t’ do and see how it feels.

It seems as if this ‘no time’ response is especially prevalent when talking about things that are just for us. We can always find time to do the things that everybody else needs us to do but fall short on making time for the things WE need. Why is that? Why should everybody else get all your time when it’s YOUR time to be used as you see fit. Stop putting yourself at the bottom of your priority list!

We can make enough time for the things that matter most. Is it always convenient to do certain things? No! But, if you see them as crucial, you will engage in the activities required to make them happen. And that is the ultimate difference between people who succeed in their endeavors and those who don’t.

Living in the space of time restraints is passive and reactive – you are giving your power away to all the things that come up day to day and allowing them to determine your actions.

But when you can stand in the space of honoring your priorities, you become action-oriented and proactive – YOU hold the power and the things that matter the most to you get the attention they need and deserve.

Stop saying ‘’I don’t have time to do xyz”. If you think on it and decide that whatever it is is not important enough to you to give it your attention, tell the truth and say “xyz is not a priority”. That in itself may free up some of your time because the people asking you to do xy and z will stop asking!

The truth will out!!

Sabs xxx

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