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You are capable of hard things

This is something that I believe is fundamentally true for all human beings; you are capable of hard things.

The trouble is, you don't believe it to be true.

Clients come to me often, with a sparkle in their eye and seriously fired up about the goals they want to achieve. For some it's to lose weight, others seek to get fit, still others want to join me on my quest to build a multi-million dollar company. We talk about all it will take to get there and this is sometimes where I lose them. Some are just flat out unwilling to do the things necessary to have the level of success they seek.

But the ones that break my heart more often than not are the ones that seem to get behind the game plan. They are motivated and excited to get to work, they share all the vision they have for what this change will mean for their lives and they are 'ready'!

Like I said, more often than not, they go for it, realize that I was telling the truth when I told them that it would be hard and they quit.

The reason this gets me is because I get so invested in the realization of what they tell me they want that I want it for them too!

Listen, I'm not saying that if you've ever quit at something in your life, you are a bad person. I've quit at things. I've given up on things. I've walked away from people. It doesn't make you a bad person.

But, if you quit at something that you know will get you want you want out of your life because it got 'too hard', you have to realise that you are not only quitting on that thing, you are quitting on yourself.

You are a capable of hard things.

Progress may be slow,

You are capable of hard things.

You may stumble and fall.

You are capable of hard things.

You may fail over and over and over again.

You are capable of hard things.

Never let yourself be defeated just because things/people may seem bigger than you can comprehend. All you have to do is keep showing up. Day after day, failure after failure, keep showing up, doing the hard things and one day you'll wake up where you once thought you could never be.

"An extraordinary person is just an ordinary person who decided to try one more time".

Sabs xxx

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