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Are you being stopped at the start?

How many goals, new year resolutions or intentions have you set, been suuuuuper excited about but then never actually jumped in and begun?


Let me ask you this - if you were standing in Boston and wanted to get to New York, and someone gave you turn by turn instructions on how to get there, why would you not even get into the car?

Is it fear? Is it not knowing how to drive? Is it lack of faith in your skills? What?

I ask this because I talk to a lot of people, every single day, who tell me that they desperately want to change their lives, They see real urgency in the need to get healthier and transform their lifestyles for the better, but for some reason or another, they stop themselves from starting.

Now there is a multitude of reasons (excuses) I hear, one of the most common is 'it's going to be hard'.

I have another analogy for you - if your 4 year old child came to you and said "mama, reading is hard!", would you turn to her and say "yes, baby, reading IS hard! Don't worry about it. Let's forget reading and you can be illiterate, I'm totally good with that."?

No, you wouldn't!

You would tell her that yes it's hard, but she can do hard things and you are going to work together to make sure she gets it!

You see what I'm trying to get across to you, right?

Why do we convince ourselves that hard things are 'too hard' or not worth the effort, when engaging in those things would result in a better, more vibrant, more purposeful existence?

So, now that we know that 'it's hard' or 'I don't have time' or 'it's too expensive' are not actually what's stopping us, let's get real about what is.


Lack of belief in ourselves.

Not knowing where to begin.

Not trusting the process.

These things are definitely going to put a bump in the road, but when we have guidance, a support system and a plan, it's much easier to not get stopped at the start.

Always here for you, fam.

Sabs xxx

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