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Staying on track when you Travel!

I never realized just how many of us struggle to stay on track with our healthy habits when we travel until I had that suprising response to yesterday’s post! You know that I am all about providing you guys with as much value as possible so I thought I would share some of the things that I have put into place to help me protect the things I need to do in order to reach my goals:

  1. Like I mentioned in this post, I schedule my workouts in the same way that the meetings/events/outings of the trip are scheduled. And then (here’s the kicker) I SHOW UP! You wouldn’t be on a business trip and not show up for the conference or meeting, right? Same principle applies. We have got to start respecting ourselves and our goals MORE THAN we respect the time/motives of others. You matter.

  2. I set myself up for success. This looks different depending on the reason for travel. if I’m on a work trip, I get onto Instacart and have basic groceries delivered to my hotel. That way, I have snacks, water, and ‘emergency’ foods on hand (your girl gets haaaangry!) throughout the day. If I’m on holiday, I decide when I am going to indulge (because, hello, we need to live our damn lives) and then make healthy choices for the other meals of the day. It’s not about deprivation, it’s about really enjoying what you are eating when you are eating/drinking it.

  3. I know the principles of my nutrition strategy. This is important because then, no matter where I am, I can put together meals that keep me ‘on track’ very easily. Some people count calories (hard to track when eating out), some count macros (also tough when eating out over multiple days), some work on portion control. Whatever it is that you do, do it on PURPOSE!

  4. I TRY not to drink all my calories – you know what I mean! I do this best by choosing alcoholic beverages that have fewer calories (clear spirits, champagne) and making sure that I have a glass of water for every glass of booze – not only do your drinks last longer, you’ll also be staying hydrated which is huge for avoiding that morning-after-the-night-before ick!

  5. I take my workouts with me! My virtual gym allows me to keep on top of my regular workout routine regardless of where in the world I am. This thing saves lives!! I’m not kidding – I’m not the most patient of people when I don’t get my endorphins, if you know what I mean! Let me know if you want more info about this.

There's no real magic sauce here guys! It's boils down to having a plan, executing the plan and deciding that your goals are more important than your excuses.

Sabs xxx

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