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Yes, they matter my darling, but so do you.

Hi fam!

Wow, it's been a hot second since I've written, hasn't it?!

And let's just address the elephant in the room - it's November 14th! How in the actual F?!

Anyway, as the holiday season looms large in front of us, I wanted for us to chat about something we are not reeeaaally supposed to talk about at this time of year... how bloody stressful it all is!!

Can I get an amen?

And I'm not even a mother, and we don't even have a ton of family around that we have to host and entertain, but there's something about decorating and shopping and gifting and cooking and anticipating that makes it feel like when December 27th rolls around (we celebrate Boxing Day on the 26th), it's the first time we've exhaled in 5 weeks!

I think for so many of us ladies, one part of that stress build-up has a lot to do with food and drinks and entertaining - all the things that tend to mean we are going to end the holiday season at least 10lbs heavier than we started it, making that whole dreaded 'New Year resolution' thing feel inevitable.

\And the other part has to do with the fact that with all the attention we place on everyone and everything else, there is very little energy left to take care of our own wellbeing.


Well, I'm here to tell you, sister, that this year does not have to look like it has every other year!

What could it mean for you if you spent intentional time on nurturing your spirit this holiday season?

What could it look like for your ability to show up fully and present when gifting those presents to the people you love?

What if you spent the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas learning how to enjoy everything the season has to offer without worry of restriction or over-indulging or missing out?

You guys know that I have a ton of expertise in exercise, nutrition and behaviour change coaching but I am not very knowledgable when it comes to the more intuitive nature of our relationships with ourselves.

That's why people who care about people collaborate with other people who care about people!

Sapha Arias, Health and Wellness Consultant of Nourishing Paths; Mindful Nutrition and Living and I have come together to bring you a 21 day program designed to empower you, heal you and help you ditch the 'diet mentality'!

There will be workouts, yoga, meditation and teachings, with weekly calls and check ins so that you can experience the joy of the holiday season without restrictions, just nourishment and connection!

Sign up here to join us for a FREE informational webinar on Monday November 26th, as a kick off to the full program.

Decide then, after hearing from us both, if this is something that will serve your soul, so that you can feel Mindful, Loved and Strengthened for The Holidays!

Sabs xxx

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