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Who are you BECOMING?

I am going to ask you a question and I want you to answer honestly.

You ready?

Ok... when was the last time you intentionally aspired to become a better version of yourself?

Not, 'when was the last time you set a goal?' or 'when was the last time you did something towards achieving the goals you set?'

I want you to really think about when you last did something that was 100% focused on becoming better.

You see, I came to a realization today during my workout (in sweat, and general hopes for death to come, are when I have my best epiphany moments, FYI!!) that it is not the goal that matters.

Sure, when I reached my weight loss goal and could fit into 'those' jeans I felt amazing! It was incredible to have accomplished that, but that feeling did not last long because I had not actually changed on the inside.

I was still battling an eating disorder.

I still had cripplingly low self esteem.

I still hated myself.

And it's just in the past couple of years, since diving deep into my internal self-talk, that I realized that without working to lose the weight I was carrying between my ears, that amazing 'before & after' picture didn't really amount to all that much.

So, again, I ask you... when was the last time you were less focused on the goal and more intentional on who you could become in the process of trying to achieve that goal?

After all, if your goals/dreams/vision are big enough, you should have to grow into the person who can achieve them.

"Life is about 5% what we do and 95% who we become in the process"

Here are some of my favorite personal development books - and I have PLENTY more to recommend so feel free to reach out if you need to:

xoxo Sabs

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