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You CAN... because you already have!

When was the last time you achieved something great, something you are really proud of?

Did that thing happen because you stayed within your regular routine, doing the same-old-same-old?

I can see you shaking your head because OF COURSE NOT!!

You were uncomfortable as shit! You considered quitting 12 times (probably all on day one) and you did not know wether you were even going to succeed.

But you kept going.

You showed up for yourself and your goal until that day of celebration came around.

And it felt daaaaaaamn good, am I right?!

So... knowing from personal experience that worthwhile achievement goes hand in hand with discomfort, fear, frustration and failure, why are you resisting the thing that now lies in front of you?

Maybe it's starting on your weight-loss journey.

Perhaps it's starting that business.

It could be getting out of the relationship that is no longer serving you.

I know it's hard. I know it's scary to peer into the unknown, but guess what?

You already won once before! And this is great news because it means that you have skills that can be transferred to help you win again!

So do yourself a favor - stop doubting yourself. Stop using the dreaded C word (get your head out of the gutter... I mean 'can't'!) and instead realize that that old story is not only doing you a disservice, it is plain untrue.

You can. Because you already have.

Own it.

Now get to work!

Journal Exercise:

Grab a pen and a piece of paper and find a quiet spot to sit.

Set the timer on your phone for 10 minutes and just write!

Write from your heart - what do you wish you could do? Why can't you do it? How could you flip that to 'can'?

What is stopping you? Why is that obstacle insurmountable? What can you do to flip that to 'can'?

Who do you have to become to live that kind of life? Why are you not there yet? What can you do to flip that to 'can'?

Now... set some goals!

Really do this exercise, guys! It will give you clarity on a lot of that noise that's going on in your head and help you set an action plan so that you CAN begin moving your life in the direction you want to go.

Let me know how it goes ;o)

xoxo Sabs

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