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Results or Excuses. You choose.

Remember how I told you guys before that excuses make me want to kill people?!

Well... I wanted to put together a little something to help you ditch any excuses that may be in your mind as to why you can't establish a solid exercise routine for yourself (so that I don't have to kill you):

"I don't have time"

Give me a second to calm my blazing temper... ok, I'm good. MAKE TIME!! If you are serious about making this change, get serious about making this change! Why do you want to be more consistent with your exercise? When you can answer that question with something more meaningful than "I want to lose weight", keep coming back to that 'why' when the excuse of no time starts to creep into your mind. Anything worth having requires effort and intentional action. This is no different. Full stop.

"I don't have any space"

If you've been following my social media shenanigans for any length of time, you see the space I have to workout every day - I live in a city loft apartment and my sweat sessions go down in my kitchen/dining room/hallway!

If exercising at home is most convenient for your lifestyle, do it and don't get stuck on the idea that you need a ton of space to get a really effective workout - as long as you can fit your body lying down into an area, you have enough space to get it done.

You may need to get creative and modify some of your movements, but that's part of the fun #makeityourown

"I don't have enough equipment"

The first program I ever completed was Insanity - I'm sure you've seen the infomercial and trust me when I say that the name is accurate! I lost 35lbs and did not pick up a single weight or use anything apart from my own body for the entire 60 days.

Our bodies are machines and we can literally use our bodies to build our bodies! Bodyweight exercises like squats, lunges, push ups, planks, jumps form the basis of all exercise programs - adding external resistance like weights makes them more challenging for sure, but give yourself enough repetitions, performed with great form and some power, and you have everything you need right there on your body to get killer results!

"I don't have any support"

Ok... this one I have to approach with a twofold answer:

1. If the support you are looking for is from a professional who can help you get into the right program for your goals and guide you through it, then find someone - I'm here for you boo, and there are plenty of other trainers, coaches, pros who would be happy to assist you!

2. If the support you are lacking is from family members and/or friends, I have to ask you... do you need it?!

If you are thinking about diving into a new show on Netflix or wanting to buy that outfit that you know you will look bomb in, do you look for support and acceptance from your loved ones?! No! You just do the damn thing, right?!

And I get it... this is a more emotional and challenging endeavor than merely watching tv or going shopping, BUT... if you know that you need to do something to better your quality of life, you shouldn't allow the willingness of others to offer you support dictate wether or not you make that change.

I hope that this helps you get past the B.S. story you are telling yourself!


xoxo Sabs

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