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It only takes ONE!

So Gio and I had a moment the other day that wasn’t super positive. We’re fine! it was just one of those things but it made me think about something that I think we all struggle with.

Knowing that this is just part of marriage, just a part of being in a long-term relationship with somebody - you're not always going to have the same perspective, the same viewpoints or the same ideas about how to go about things (and that's okay, btw!) but it made me think about this idea that when we suck at something, when we’ve struggled with something, when we’ve quit at things in the past, it says something about our ability to succeed now in the present.

This is something that I come across quite a lot with the clients I work with and the people that I mentor in their businesses - this idea of when I failed before, I started this before, I tried it before so what makes now any different?

Here’s the thing, guys… it only takes ONE time! It only takes one time to succeed at what you set out to do to completely change everything!

One time! And that one time has nothing to do with how many times you tried before, quit before, failed before, sucked before. In fact, all that quitting, failing, sucking probably put you in a position where you are maybe more humble and perhaps more open to learn. Maybe more resilient, maybe more committed and motivated to make it work this time.

So instead of feeling like you’re trapped in this cage of “well I tried it before and it didn't work for me”, perhaps we can put ourselves in a position of actually being like… “Ok, yes that happened but I'm here now, I have this moment now, and it only takes one time for me to change it all”.

I thought about all this with what happened with Gio and I the other day because I was on a consultation call with a prospective client a couple of days before and she was talking about how her marriage had broken down. We were talking about her joining the #InspiredNation and getting into gear with her health and fitness goals but, as so often happens when me and MY people get on the phone, we just become BFF’s and start talking about all the things! So we got a little off-topic and she was so fearful of getting back out there and meeting somebody again and going down that relationship train again, but she was coming at it from the point of view of “I’ve tried marriage in the past and I quit at it and what makes me think that getting into another relationship and going down that route again will be any different this time?”

It just broke my heart, fam.

Broke my heart that we close ourselves off in that way because what we are actually doing is completely closing ourselves off to possibility.

And isn’t possibility and hope for better the thing that drives us all to do the things now to move our lives forward? It’s possibility and hope that keep us all here, right? So when I come across people that are closed off in that way I just want to give them the biggest hug and encourage them to keep their heart open.

Yes, you may have failed before.

Yes you may have quit before.

But it only takes one time to succeed to completely change everything, and you have to believe in that for yourself.

Believe in the process and that this is the time you’re going to create something meaningful for yourself.

If you are looking for some kind of process, maybe in your health and fitness journey - perhaps you have tried a bunch of shit in the past and it hasn't worked for you - it just takes ONE time and I would humbly ask you to let me be that one more chance you give yourself. I will not let you fail!

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