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Stop believing your own B.S!

This time of year is honestly my absolute favorite! The craziness of the holiday season has passed and everyone is looking ahead at a brand new beginning! There is so much possibility and excitement for what is to come and the ENERGY is INSANE! But here's the thing... this time of the year is also when we lie to ourselves the most. Hear me out... The majority of people that come to me for help in starting their new healthier lifestyles are SO FREAKING EXCITED about getting into action around these parts of their life where they have been stuck for so long. They are ready to commit to the investment and are in the headspace of "let's do this". And it hurts my heart to say that more of those people than I would like to believe are straight up lying to themselves. You've heard this quote, right?... "I've never heard of any life transformation that did not begin with the person in question finally getting tired of their own BS". Gosh! I've never known something to be more true! Earlier today, I was on a call with my business mentor and I was seeking some advise about how I can do a better job in 2020 of helping my people get the results they are looking for. My heart work is to guide as many people as possible to achieve whatever it is they are seeking for their lives so I take my role as a Coach and Mentor VERY seriously. I sat there with my pen poised, waiting for whatever magical formula he was going to drop on me... And here is what he said: "Nothing, Sabrina"! He told me that I already do more than enough, more than could be reasonably expected considering how low the financial investment is to work with me. He said that I should not be asking what MORE I can do, he said I just need to accept this one thing... "You cannot protect them from their own BS"! DAMN! And it's true! I can't protect you from your BS stories of "no time", "no motivation", "no energy", "no money". Even if you SAY that you are ready to make the change, If you are not truly tired of those stories, so tired that you will commit to the work it will take to change them, I can't help you. BUT... if you're over it, if you are finally ready to commit to changing your life FOREVER, I can help you transform that internal dialogue so that you no longer BELIEVE the BS! It's what I excel at! Do you keep looking around and seeing people who have it all together and are #crushing life? There is nothing special about her/him/them - they don't have some super ability and/or magical answer that you don't have. It's just that, at some point, they got tired of their own BS and are actively working to stop believing it! Are you ready to do that? If the answer is yes, it would be an honor and a privilege to go on that journey with you. Message me here and let's chat about making 2020 the year it ALL changes! xoxo Sabs

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