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You are NOT a failure!

I don't know exactly who needs to hear this but I am confident that someone does: YOU ARE NOT A FAILURE. You are not failure, despite failed attempts. So often, we internalise disappointment, frustration and struggle, making it say something about who we are as a person. But here's the thing, my friend... your worth is not determined by the results you produce. You are not a failure despite failed attempts! Perhaps you were determined about making lasting change with your 2020 Glow Up plan - exercising more and eating 'better' - but looking back on the past 18 days, you realise that you've had a fair few nights out, a fair few mornings spent playing tag with the alarm and too many thoughts of #yolo 'ing your face off ;o). So maybe you are not seeing the results you had hoped for 2+ weeks into the 'new you'. You are not a failure! Maybe you had set a scary career goal for yourself - you were going all in on your entrepreneurial journey or knuckling down at work to earn that promotion - but you are realising that this shit is haaaaaard, yo! You have talked yourself out of doing the daily things you KNOW you need to do because of (fill in the blank BS excuse)! You are not a failure! Don't let the lack of follow through convince you that those goals are not possible for you. Don't get sucked into the lie that you "can't". Don't put off the things that you KNOW will make you feel amazeballs just because it may take a little more focus and 'sacrifice' than you originally thought. We are capable of SO MUCH! Much more than we give ourselves credit for. And the way to finally step into the BEST version of ourselves is to own our worth, truly understand our value, so that we can stop diminishing ourselves when things don't go quite according to plan. You are a good person and you deserve good things to happen to you. Please believe that. xoxo Sabs

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