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Intermittent Fasting... a HEALTH solution that no one can make money from!

Ok... possible unpopular opinion alert...

Intermittent Fasting (IF) is a nutrition strategy that I have been actively engaged with for almost 3 years, with guidance and support from a nutrition expert who has had it as her mainstay for over 20 years. And yet, I hear noise about IF being a 'fad'.

Do you know why those people are dismissing it as the next fad on the scene?

Because it is a strategy that literally NO ONE can make money from! After all... the whole premise is to NOT consume stuff, rather than needing to buy this meal/shake/pill etc.

And, guess what... it works!

What I mean by "it works" is that it does exactly what fasting has been SCIENTIFICALLY proven to do:

* balance hormones

* manage diabetic symptoms

* lower body weight

* reduce inflammation

* improve brain and system function

And rather than it being something to implement in your current routine that is giving you ANOTHER thing to do and plan and think about, it's actually the opposite - this is something to not do! DON'T eat for that specific period of time!

Simple, right?!

Ah... but I hear you already: "Sabs, I can't go without eating! I can't do it!"

I though that too. I come from the old school fitness industry ethos of eating 5 times per day, pre & post workout meals, never skipping breakfast, aaaaaaall the protein etc..!

But I have discovered so much through educating myself on Fasting and it's benefits on HEALTH (not just body composition), to the point where I now skip breakfast, eat 3 times per day, have a predominantly plant-based diet, and I have NEVER felt healthier or stronger (yes, I still workout like a BEAST)!

My strategy:

* Daily fast of 16:8 - I eat my 3 meals within an 8 hour window (usually 12noon-8pm) and fast the remainder of the time

* 24hr fast 2x per week - sounds scarier than it is! I still east every day, just twice a week I eat dinner on day 1 and fast until dinner on day 2

* Eat from plant-based sources with the occasional serving of eggs thrown in - no dairy

Education is key, you guys.

I will always recommend that you educate yourself before deciding to do/not do something.

And the KING of fasting is Dr. Jason Fung! Check out his book; 'The Complete Guide to Fasting' for info that will BLOW YOUR MIND (especially if you or people in your life are diabetic or pre-diabetic)!

You know that I am always here to help you implement a fasting strategy that makes sense for your goals and coach you through the process.

Contact me here and let's chat!

xoxo Sabs

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