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I did a thing...!

Gosh...I can't believe I actually did this! It has been a long time, much requested, endeavor which I don't really know why I resisted for so long... but it's here... The Inspire Sabrina YouTube Channel is LIVE!!! Arrgghhhh!! I have a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes right now because the old me is looking on, mouth open, lost for words, radiating "girls like you don't do things like this"! And she's right... who even am I? A girl who just wants to matter and in her quest to find her path, lights the path for as many others as possible (I'm not crying, you're crying!!), that's who! So... here is the first video uploaded to this channel. I would love it if you would head over and hear what I had to say about how who we are is BECAUSE of our past selves, not in spite of it! And if you feel pulled to Subscribe to my channel, I would love that too ;o) From one chick just trying to figure this life stuff out to another, let's get this shiz done... messy bun and all! xoxo Sabs

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