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Why I am still here (and ALWAYS will be)!

Fam... this shit is crazy, am I right?!

Our world no longer looks familiar, basic daily activities that we never paid attention to we would now give our right hand to do, and not to mention the physical separation from many of our loved ones.

Many people in my industry are either pulling away from their online offers, feeling as if it is somehow 'distasteful' to be doing what they have always done, or they are diving all the way into their online communities, showing up more. offering more and staying connected.

Full disclosure... when this all kicked off for real for real, I was momentarily (like, literally for a day) halted, questioning wether what I felt pulled to do was the 'right' thing. But then I pulled myself together and got real about what I even AM pulled to do:

* Serve the people I am blessed to have in my ecosystem

* Help other humans get past the bullshit excuses and behaviours they have been swallowed by

* Inspire and Empower people to live full and vibrant lives

* Connect!

If I wasn't going to live into what I constantly preach and represent myself as NOW, when the fuck was I?!

And if I truly want as many people as possible to hear my message, so that I can reach the one's that truly need it, they DESERVE the right to get to know me in the process.

You see, I know that my message and my coaching and mentorship style is not for everyone, but I also know that those people who do see something for themselves in what I share, will only decide to engage in the process of lifestyle transformation with my guidance and support if they know and TRUST me first!

So... you better believe that through it all, I WILL BE HERE.

I will be serving you as best I can.

I will be connecting with you through multiple channels.

And I am not that person who has all the right things to say when it's convenient and easy for them to say it - I am someone who walks her talk, someone you can trust to help you find your footing when the ground feels really shaky.

Ready to work with me? Contact me here and let me know how I can help you.

Stay safe.

Stay home.

Wash your hands #twice.

xoxo Sabs

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