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So... I did a thing...

Exactly a week ago, I shook up my pre-workout, laced up my trainers and ventured outside to run for the FIRST time in SEVEN YEARS (I'm serious, not even breaking into a run to catch a train/bus!)! With a deep breath, I set the distance goal on my watch and felt both nervous and focused as I put in the following target... 8.46 miles. Ok, I know your eyes just boggled a little bit because who the heeeeeeeeell runs 8 1/2 miles with zero training, right?! And I must admit that when the thought popped into my mind the week before (while the social media world blacked out for 24 hours), I did everything I could to talk myself out of it :o| "You're not a runner anymore, Sabs" "There is NO WAY you can do that" "You'll hurt yourself if you try" But here's the thing... when your purpose is greater than yourself, it's really hard to find a good enough reason to bail out. 8.46 miles. The same number of minutes that George Floyd spent with a knee on his neck. I completed that physical challenge last week as a tiny way to honour the lives of black men and women from all over this country who will never get to run, sweat, smile or breathe again. Like I said... when your purpose is greater than yourself, you will be amazed at what you are capable of. We have got to stop believing the lie that we "can't" do something. We must stop dismissing the things we want for our lives due to an assumption that they're not possible for us. We've just got to find our heart/soul reason to take the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 3,457th step, not quitting until we get it. I hope that we can be brave enough to live the full breadth of our lives, fam, because the length of it is something we can never know. I will if you will, deal? Yours in purpose, hope and joy, Sabs xxx

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