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Red Flags!!

Man… if there is anything I have learned through this EPIC process of transformation that I am still DEEP in, it’s that there are a bunch of red flags out there that we need to be mindful of. Particularly when it comes to Nutrition. Toooooooo many things about the way we think about food need to be rewritten:⁣

⁣ 1. “The right way”⁣

There is no right way. There’s only the right way… FOR YOU!⁣

Please hear me when I say this, my love, because if someone had told me this a few years ago, maybe I would have been spared all the pain and destruction my weight loss journey brought with it.

Instead of looking left and right to find THE way, get curious and start experimenting on what YOUR way may be.

2. “Never eat ____”⁣

I’m not a fan of absolutes.⁣

Sure, limit or consume certain foods sparingly. But the more we tell ourselves that we can never eat something, the more that’s the one thing we want to eat 🤷🏽‍♀️

I know you recognize yourself in this! How many times have you sworn off chocolate and then 3 days later you’re knee deep in Reese’s wrappers with that guilty look on your face, wondering what on earth just happened?!

Maybe a better way to look at it is to give yourself a time frame of abstinence because of your COMMITMENT to x goal, and then recognise that this is just for now, not forever! ⁣

3. “Everything in moderation”⁣

Great in theory but, if you’re anything like me, ‘moderation’ doesn’t really apply when the binge-eating gremlins come out to play!⁣

Consider a different approach, at least whilst deep in your weight loss process.

You’ve heard my philosophy that ‘balance’ is bullshit - that could be an entire conversation all by itself - and I truly believe that to be true.

Sure… the goal is that we can live our BEST lives, enjoying the treats here and there, but until we transform our relationship with food, and the destructive triggers, maybe consider that seeking balance is not the right thing for you. It could be the very thing that’s keeping you stuck.

⁣4. “Do ______ and you’ll get the results I got”⁣

Run from people who say this. Run FAR AWAY from people who say this. ⁣

Every body is different, and so what works for homegirl next door may not work for you!⁣

See point number 1.⁣

⁣Girl… I hope that you embrace the power you have in this whole process.

It may seem impossible to you right now, but YOU can break free from whatever it is that keeps you stuck in the hopeless cycle of start-stop-start-stop.

You were not created to live that life.⁣

Yours, always with so much love, Sabs xxxx

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