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Struggle bus city!!!

#StraightTalkSabrina coming out ta-daaaay!!⁣

Giiirrrrl… have you ever been so hype about doing something - like pee-your-

pants, butterflies in your stomach, excited - but then the day comes to actually do it and you’re like… ?!⁣

1000% this was me today on day one of the 90 day summer transformation challenge I’m doing with the #InspiredNation .⁣

And I know exactly why - too much #yolo’ing my face off over the weekend left me feeling heavy, bloated, lethargic and defeated. ⁣

But here’s the thing… just because it’s hard doesn’t mean we don’t do it!⁣

Listen… if you’re someone who only takes action on the things you want for your life when you ‘feel like it’… how’s that working for you?⁣

Are you still in the same place you were in 6 months ago?⁣

Are you complaining about the same shit you were complaining about last year?⁣

I don’t say that to be a bitch (I hope you know me better than that by now)! Sis, I say it to hit you upside the head with your own BS!!⁣

For you mamas out there - if your kids told you that they weren’t doing their homework because they “don’t feel like it” or their chores are not done because they “haven’t got time”, what would your response be?!! ⁣

And yet, the same excuses leave our mouths everyday as justification for not showing up and doing the things we say want to do. ⁣

Day one of this challenge got done today, not because I felt like it, not because I was buzzing with the joys of new beginnings, not because I was in the right headspace.⁣

No… day one got done because day 90 is what I WANT!!!⁣

We must allow the goal to pull us when the energy to push us is lacking. ⁣

And for the love of all that is holy… we’ve got to stop allowing our fleeting, subjective, emotions to decide our permanent, very real, futures.⁣

You with me?⁣

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