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The BEST nutrition plan out there!!

***the limit does not exist. No matter what nutritional approach you choose to follow - and there are A LOT, I know 😏 - the fundamental principles are the same.⁣

Say whhhhaaatttttt?!⁣

⁣I’m talking about legit NUTRITION-focused lifestyles, NOT fad diets where health is rarely a consideration 😐.⁣

⁣But, yes…. If you look at the foundation of these approaches - paleo, whole 30, hflc, Mediterranean, vegan, vegetarian, portion-control - they all say the same things:⁣

⁣• eat WHOLE FOODS - if it has a nutrition label as long as an NBA player’s shin bone, you don’t need to be eating it 🙃⁣

⁣• eat foods as close to how they naturally occur as possible - for example; it’s not that carbs are bad for us, it’s the processing of that potato into fries/chips/crisps that is bad for us 🤨⁣

⁣• eat plenty of fresh vegetables - they contain the nutrients from the soil and amazing nutritional quality from the absorption of vitamin D from the sun. Eat the rainbow 🌈 ⁣

⁣• drink aaaaaaall the water - ditch the fizzy drinks, energy drinks, chemical-laden cans of pop and give your body more of what it thrives from… good ol’ H2O 🙂⁣

See how simple it can be?⁣

⁣Yes, there is A LOT of noise around what/how much/when to eat but when you strip it back, these principles should underly the nutritional choices we make for our health (weight loss as a snazzy side-effect) until we can fine tune the details to fit our own unique needs.⁣

I really hope this is helpful. ⁣

I sure as shit wish someone had highlighted these fundamentals for me 100lbs ago 😌⁣

⁣ Yours, always with so much love, Sabs xxxx

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