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Your workouts don't mean shit, sister!

Listen.... when my trainer said this during a workout last week, my jaw hit the ground and I had a moment where I channelled my dearly-departed grandmother, throwing my hands up and shouting 'PREACH'...


I mean.... anyone else feel personally targeted *clutching my pearls?!

But seriously, he's not wrong.

So often when we set a goal to lose weight or get healthier, our minds immediately go to frantically searching YouTube for a new exercise routine or searching in the back of the coat closet to dust off that scruffy pair of running shoes.

However, if fat loss is the goal - and certainly if improving health overall is a concern - exercise is not the one!

The #InspiredNation and I had a come-to-Jesus moment the other day - I see some of them #nailingit in their workouts; they are tracking their sweat sessions, following their program calendars, straight killing the game, but then are not seeing the kind of progress they expect to see with that level of consistency.

I told them what I just told you.... exercise has some INCREDIBLE benefits and should be part of our every day life, BUT... as a path to weight loss, it just does not pack the necessary punch.

How is your sleep?

How are you managing stress?

Are your drinking enough water?

What are you putting in your mouth every day?

These are the things that ultimately hold the key to your weight loss success.

So, friend, if you are #crushingit in the gym for an hour a day but have been losing and gaining and losing and gaining that same 10lbs for the past 6 months, please put yourself out of that misery and get honest about how you are spending the other 23hrs.

And then make a different choice.

I'm always here to help you do that.

Sabs xxxx

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