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"This lovely woman is truly a gift. When I began my journey with her, I was in a rough and tough place emotionally and medically. Trying to grasp my medical issues and my unhealthy relationship with my body and nutrition. She’s been so kind and patient with me. Helping me not only heal my body but my mind and my heart too! So blessed to have her on my shoulder! I definitely recommend her to everyone I know". - April M.

"Sabs is AMAZING! The fact that she is so transparent & authentic with everything she says and shares, keeps you coming back for more. She is truly motivational and so inspirational. I’ve had the privilege of working with her and letting her coach me through my fitness journey as well. She is not pushy and genuinely cares about each and every person she encounters. She is always there and you can always count on her. So thankful our paths crossed <3" - Jenny S.

"Sabrina is easily the best person I’ve connected with in 2019 who is playing an integral part in helping me to transform my life. She’s simply amazing in how she goes about focusing on our individual journeys and keeps a group going at the same time. I appreciate her approaching all aspects of the whole person. Fitness is the the least of what she does. Supportive, passionate, down to earth and about her business. She’s knowledgeable, inspiring and consistently relatable. If you like a beautiful, brainy, boss with a British accent then you should get to know this humble, hot shot with a top knot!" - Stacy R.

"She’s my daily inspiration to keep going! When I first started my fitness journey, she was there for me every step of the way. I’ve worked for her...with her...been a client of hers - she is the real deal. She changed my life, and helped me change things for myself, too." - Mindy G.

"...always an inspiration and your positivity, even in the face of adversity, is infectious! Everything you teach and share comes from a place of ‘do as I do’ not ‘do as I say’.....I see you live it and that is an inspirational life experience that you can’t put a price on!" - Gareth G.

"I have been dealing with some painful back issues since a little before I started working with Sabrina. To have Sabrina as a coach and get me to the point where I’m still able to do a workout and not have pain has been amazing. She’s encouraging and loving and even if you fall off the wagon she helps you get back up and start again. These past 8 weeks have been so incredibly amazing!" - Ali A.

I am so grateful for each and every member of the #InspiredNation (past, present and future) and so incredibly humbled by every message of thanks I receive.

You guys will forever be family - thank you for trusting me to lead you through your transformation.

xoxo Sabs

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