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'"Chill out, B**ch!"
+ other things to say to your Inner Critic

Empow(H)er Digital Course is here!

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'Inner Critic'
digital course

Learn my exact strategy to combat your internal narrative so you can start using the power of your mind for good rather than evil!

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Are you ready to learn how to...

... identify the internal narrative that is keeping you stuck and shift the tone and message so that you are able to show up consistently to pursue the goals and aspirations for your life?

Well then, this is the course for you!

You have such high hopes for your life. You have written down the goals, created the vision board and you have even been in action around bringing these things to reality.
But, inevitably, you run up against a challenge and your inner voice slides in to tell you all the reasons why this won't work, why you're kidding yourself, why you should'nt even bother, and so you struggle to keep "doing the things".

What if you could shine a light on that self-talk, and reshape it, so that you could start being your own biggest cheerleader in the pursuit of your dreams?!
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It's time to stop being the obstacle in your own life, my friend.

In these video lessons and companion guide, Sabrina will teach you how to think, manage your mind, wrangle your emotions and understand what on earth is going on between your ears so that you can show up for your life with more energy and self-awareness than ever before!
Learn the EXACT methods and strategies that she herself has used to build 3 successful businesses without that inner critic stealing her joy and momentum through it all.
Get your hands on the 'Inner Critic course' and access the life-changing content now!

Here's what you'll learn:

Lesson 1: IDENTIFY IT!
Tone, frequency & message

WHAT is that inner voice saying and when does it come up? 
It's so important to become aware of, and understand, the triggers that make for a negative thought spiral. Straight out of the gate, you will have the answers to these questions and so increased clarity on what is going on for you.
Lesson 2: QUESTION IT!
2 powerful questions to ask yourself

WE are the single greatest obstacle in our lives... master your mind, transform your life! In this lesson, you will learn the questions to ask yourself when Negative Nelly steps up to the plate! 
Lesson 3: NAME IT!
It's alter-ego time!

In my experience, the inner critic holds the most power over us when we believe that it IS us. Learn my exact strategy for separating that voice and all it's B.S. from the real you!
Better understand the motive behind the madness

When all else fails, you will learn how to make peace with that voice and understand the necessity of that internal narrative. "When we know better, we do better" so let's get to know!
Additional tools and strategies.

I share some of my DAILY rituals in my ongoing process of growth to help you capture the renewed sense of clarity and agency that this course provided you, and move forward protecting that momentum.
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This course will leave you feeling clear and empowered!

... through video lessons filmed and presented by me - a direct line to the first person to talk so openly about our internal narrative in this particular way!

Before this, the only way to have access to my Coaching approach was through my Empow(H)er Coaching programs which cost up to $3600 to enroll into.

But when you purchase the 'Inner Critic' course, you'll get access to me for just $33!

Yep! For just $33, I'll give you my system for understanding how your brain functions so that it no longer convinces you that you "can't" be/do/have whatever you want; a system that I use myself every single day to no longer be the obstacle in my life.
The value of this Course is over $195 and my inner circle honestly called me crazy for offering this to you at such a huge discount (I may live to regret it) as this is some of my most insightful stuff!

But there is a catch...

It is my life mission to empower women to blast through the glass ceilings of their potential; to heal radically, to dare greatly, to achieve beyond what their past has taught them about their worth or capabillity. We have all been limited by that BS for far too long...

So I am very insistent that you ONLY spend your money here if you are committed to using the amazing stuff you will learn to grow yourself and expand your quality of life. Deal?

If you can promise me (and yourself) that you're ALL IN, I can't wait for you to get your hands on this!

I am going to make this so easy for you, by giving you the knowledge to put your process of transformation into hyperdrive.

I am going to teach you the how to overcome the obstacles of our self-talk, and integrate everything you learn, so that this is not just another course that you sign up for but never actually do anything with. 

All you need to do is to invest in yourself and commit to doing the work. You in?

What my clients are saying...

"Sabrina shares all that she has learned through her (business building) process to ensure our success! It's so awesome! I have been floundering through this journey... and she is the first to really connect and give tools that are actually helping me." - TA

"Sabrina's framework took the 'it's too big/audacious/far away" feelings and booted them out of the door so that I can dig into an exciting plan for this year and beyond! I am so grateful that... invested in my development. (Sabrina) is a transformational leader." - JM

"(Sabrina's) guidance and ability to ask the hard questions are really making such a difference in how I think about things and approach this area of my life. I am very thankful for... the group of strong women that are doing the work!" - KG.

"Many days, I find myself needing a good kick in the ass and some hard deep diving into what is really going on... (Sabrina's) teachings always seem to hit deep. (She) is allowing God to shine through her and I'm grateful" - KKM

After a call: "I absolutely love this message from you today! I had a mediocre year last year... but I have come to learn how safe I feel here sharing my successes and unsuccesses lol! I am very happy that I can count on all you great women." - KM.


You are sick of your negative self-talk getting in the way of you doing the things you know to do to make progress in your life.
You are an avid student of personal growth teachings but you just can't seem to put the things you learn into practice because of what that negative inner voice keeps saying to you.
You are new to the arena of pursuing your 'more' and want to get solid habits in place so that you can start making progress but don't know how to stop that self-talk that keeps saying things like:
"This will never work", "Who do you think you are?", "You've tried to change before and it never works, what makes this time any different?", "This is all self-help woo woo", "You can't do it".
You want to make a powerful impact in your life and in the lives of others but imposter syndrome stops you in your tracks.
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What you'll get in the Inner Critic Course:

Inner Critic Course Graphic.jpg
4 video lessons

A printable companion Workbook

Bonus materials to integrate your learnings into your life.


"Sabrina says things with such empathy for the struggles we have! I totally feel seen and heard and understood, without feeling preached to, just nudged onwards!" - JC.

"I joined Sabrina recently thanks to my dear friend, A - My realization is that I can do tough things if I deal with the chatter in my mind! Sabrina's reccomendations... work! Try it out!" - SG.

Inner Critic Course Graphic.jpg

Get access now for


Inner Critic Course



Overcome the negative self-talk to win in life!

Valid until canceled

4 video lessons

Companion Printable Workbook

Bonus materials

Empow(H)er Coaching

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