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Coaching Packages

Empow(H)er Coaching is a unique and effective approach to entrepreneurial growth that offers a range of tailored packages designed to help you blow the glass ceilings off your business and life goals. My proven Coaching method provides personalised guidance to ensure you reach your desired outcome in the quickest and most efficient time-line possible, empowering you to new levels of business (and life) performance.

1:1 Coaching...

The Empow(H)er signature method is rooted in the insights of Awareness, Ownership & Integration:

  • Awareness - stripping away the emotion that tends to cloud our reality and so be with a clear and objective view of what is actually happening in your business right now.

  • Ownership - taking ownership over creating change in the areas that will have the greatest impact overall; new mindset, new goals, new habits.

  • Integration - nothing changes if nothing changes and so this Coaching relationship is very much forward-focused in manifesting the changes you seek, both in-session and beyond.

Working together on our weekly or bi-weekly calls, you can expect to be engaged in a groundbreaking approach to your business growth. With your PERSONAL growth as the foundation, you will create results in your business you have never seen until now, enabling you to do more, in less time, without developing the burnout/tension/resentment in your daily actions that you may have previously experienced.

Group Coaching...

Introducing the 'Empow(H)er Masterclass' - cultivating an environment of peers that empowers you to achieve GREAT success in your business apirations!

From many years of Coaching individuals in building personal-brand based businesses from the ground up, I have observed one common obstacle that blocks most people from creating the business that will give them the freedoms they desire.

That obstacle is the ability to show up and engage in the necessary business building activites, consistently.

I hear about their hopes and big dreams. I see the vision boards and listen to the declarations of how 'this year will be THE year'. And yet, for too many, nothing changes. And so nothing changes. People just can't seem to do what they know to do to make their vision a reality.

Because you know what to do... don't you?! You have listened to all the trainings and watched all the call recordings - the people that have gone before you are always very generously sharing their tips and how-to's - and yet...


So what we have here is not a strategy problem. It is an EXECUTION problem.

Enter the Empow(H)er Masterclass: a peer group-designed small group Coaching program, created to tackle the areas of

  • Mindset

  • Action-taking

  • Overcoming obstacles

so that you can gain clarity on what it is that you even want and, with the guidance of this 13 week program, design a bespoke system to achieving it!

What My Clients Say:

Empow(H)er review

Denise McCleave

"Joining with Sabrina has literally changed my entire life. She is honest about the journey... she doesn't sugarcoat anything which is one thing that I love about her! We all have to take ownership of who we are and how we got here and she helps us do that. She is all about teaching... being there for our amazing moments and our not so amazing moments. She is there every step of the way. I would never have signed up with anyone else but Sabrina!"
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