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Download the SUCCESS PRINCIPLES guide below:

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Yay... your FREE Success Principles guide is on it's way to your inbox, but I cannot leave you hanging without giving you MORE control in the growth of your business. If you are ready to explode your impact this year and get more clients and customers...
Claim your spot in the Empow(H)er small group Masterclass that empowers female entrepreneurs to achieve GREAT success in their business aspirations, creating results like they have never seen before!


Learn my exact strategy to building the business of your dreams, without having to work all day and night!

Join today for only



Are you FINALLY ready to learn how to...

... create your perfect system that enables you to show up consistently to build the business you dream of; a business that positively impacts your corner of the Universe and provides the options and freedoms you crave for you and your loved ones?

Well then, this is the space for you!

You know what to do. You have heard all the tricks and strategies and how-to's from all the people you admire in your industry, people who seem to have it all figured out. But, no matter what you do, you just can't seem to get any of it to work for you. And because "it's not working" (your thoughts, not mine), you struggle to keep showing up with empowered energy.

What if you got around people who have been where you are, who understand how REAL the struggle is, and who will provide you with an environment dedicated to figuring it out?
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It's time to decide that with your hopes and dreams at the wheel, you will no longer allow fear and doubt to drive the car. Sabrina will hold you for 13 weeks within her systematic approach to hacking your mindset and habits, so that you can execute on what really matters, achieving results like you never have before, without sacrificing time with your family.

In the weekly LIVE calls, Sabrina will teach you how to think, manage your mind, wrangle your emotions and understand your motivations so that you can show up for your business with more energy and intentionality than ever before! Learn the EXACT methods, systems and Coaching strategies that she herself used to build 3 successful businesses and have now also helped hundreds of women get unstuck in their own growth journeys.

Claim your spot and join the Empow(H)er Masterclass now!

Here's what you'll
learn in 90 days

Get your mind & environment ready

When you plan for your success and prepare for your success, you can expect your success!
This prep time is for some self-reflection, self-audit
ing and getting acclimated into the amazing Empow(H)er community so that you are ready to launch into the program content and the next life-changing 13 weeks!
Weeks 2, 6 & 10: MINDSET 
What do you want, girl?!

Getting clarity on what it is that you WANT will help uncover the beliefs that are blocking you from being able to execute on that mission. We revisit this mindset module multiple times in the program because WE are the single greatest obstacle in our lives... master your mind, transform your life!
Weeks 3, 7 & 11: ACTION
Are you aligned?

The actions you take/don't take are actually determined by more than just the time/energy/strategy you have/don't have. Before you can expect to get to your destination, you need to program your GPS to give you the most efficient route, so this is where we dig in to the 'what' of your success; the strategies, habits and rituals that will get you there.
Weeks 4, 8 & 12: OVERCOMING
How do you deal with the obstacles?

Here, we identify 'the suck' and reshape your relationship with life's struggles that are an inevitable part of the process. You'll learn how to take consistent action by becoming a master at operating outside of your comfort zone!
Weeks 5, 9 & 13: LIVE Q&A and HOT SEAT SESSIONS
Are you implementing?

With this ‘level up’ version of yourself now taking shape, we come together as a group for a live conversation about the month's content and some in-the-moment Coaching on individual issues. Never again will you have just paid for a membership to 'that thing'  but actually not put it into practice. Ultimate accountability to show up for yourself and your dreams!

***calls always recorded and shared.
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Consistency MUST stop being the obstacle

Because without showing up to do what is necessary to grow your business, the impact, influence, contribution and freedoms you desire CANNOT come to you.

There is a reason why there are more females succeeding in the entrepreneurial space now than ever before.
In fact, more women at this point in our history are pursuing ways to significantly contribute to their communities and carve out legacies for their families, becoming the first in their generational line to break out of the traditional career path.

There is SO MUCH possibility here.

And it takes resilience, grit, determination and consistent action to get it right.

Which is where it gets sticky.

In my Coaching experience so far, I have connected with so many female business owners who are struggling to show up in the ways they know they need to.

They are struggling to keep their energy high, their vision clear and their actions aligned with what they want in order to build the life and business of their dreams.

And so many do not have the support, guidance or peer group to help them make it all happen.

They keep hearing the same message of "just do xyz" but are not equipped with the training, the answers to THEIR specific struggles, the knowledge or the environment they actually need.

Between running my consulting business, my Empowerment Coaching 1:1 clients, my Health Coaching commUNITY and powerfully serving my social media audiences, I can only work with a select few clients every year...

Which is why I wanted to make access to these tools, resources and quality Coaching as accessible and affordable as possible for those who really need it.

So that YOU can start making more money and creating deeper impact ASAP!

And so I got thinking...

What could I teach and provide that goes far beyond what I share for free on s
ocial media, yet charge far less than my 1:1 Coaching programs?

The Empow(H)er Masterclass was born.
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In just 90 days, I'll teach you how to shift and start making big MOVES!

Following my systematic and individualised approach.

Before this, the only way to have access to my Coaching specifically for female entrepreneurs was through my 1:1 Empow(H)er Coaching program which costs up to $3600 to enroll.

But when you join the Empow(H)er Masterclass, you'll get it for $150pm (a 3 month minimum investment).

Yep! For just $150, I'll give you my system for creating business and life success, a system that I follow myself when seeking to grow and expand in any area of my life, from my career to the quality of my relationships.

The value of this Masterclass is well over $2,150 and my inner circle honestly called me crazy for offering this to you at such a huge discount (I may live to regret it)!
But there is a catch...

It is my life mission to empower women to blast through the glass ceilings of their potential; to heal radically, to dare greatly, to achieve beyond what their past has taught them about their worth or capabillity. We have all been limited by that BS for far too long...

So this space is ONLY for those who are committed to using the amazing stuff they will learn to grow themselves and expand their businesses with services that help people to transform their lives. Deal?

If you can promise me (and yourself) that you're ALL IN, I can't wait for us to work together!

I am going to make this so easy for you, by getting you into the room through a 90 day process of transformation.

I am going to teach you the mindset of success, the strategies for success, how to overcome obstacles like the boss you are, and integrate everything you learn so that this is not just another course that you sign up for but never actually show up for. 

All you need to do is to invest a few hours per week and $150. You in?

What my clients are saying...

"Sabrina shares all that she has learned through her (business building) process to ensure our success! It's so awesome! I have been floundering through this journey... and she is the first to really connect and give tools that are actually helping me." - TA

"Sabrina's framework took the 'it's too big/audacious/far away" feelings and booted them out of the door so that I can dig into an exciting plan for this year and beyond! I am so grateful that... invested in my development. (Sabrina) is a transformational leader." - JM

"(Sabrina's) guidance and ability to ask the hard questions are really making such a difference in how I think about things and approach this area of my life. I am very thankful for... the group of strong women that are doing the work!" - KG.

"Many days, I find myself needing a good kick in the ass and some hard deep diving into what is really going on... (Sabrina's) teachings always seem to hit deep. (She) is allowing God to shine through her and I'm grateful" - KKM

After a call: "I absolutely love this message from you today! I had a mediocre year last year... but I have come to learn how safe I feel here sharing my successes and unsuccesses lol! I am very happy that I can count on all you great women." - KM.


You are not afraid of hard work and are ready to be rewarded through increased impact and income for the work you do.
You are a seasoned entrepreneur who has been stuck at the same level of earnings for too long and want to leap forward with proven guidance and support.
You are new to the entrepreneurial space and want to get solid systems and habits in place so that you can start making a difference and start earning an income ASAP.
You want your business to generate full-time income but have been struggling with how to best manage all. the. things to make that a reality.
You love your full-time job and have no intention of leaving it! But you want to increase your reach, make a powerful impact in the lives of others and earn some extra income for your family along the way.
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What you'll get in the Empow(H)er Masterclass:


13x Weekly Live calls - always recorded 

Weekly actions corresponding to the week's Coaching topic

Community Hub for accountability & peer support

Tools & Resources library, including:
  • PUSH Coaching
  • Life Audit resources
  • Guided Vision exercise
  • Building your winning habits
  • Live weekly trainings
  • Peer group chat thread
  • Self-assessment tools & trackers
  • Trainings & Workshops (updated regularly)
  • PUSH Coaching integration tools


"Sabrina says things with such empathy for the struggles we have! I totally feel seen and heard and understood, without feeling preached to, just nudged onwards!" - JC.

"I joined Sabrina recently thanks to my dear friend, A - My realization is that I can do tough things if I deal with the chatter in my mind! Sabrina's reccomendations... work! Try it out!" - SG.


Claim your spot now for $150pm

(3 month minimum investment)


Masterclass Membership



Every month

Small group Coaching program

Valid until canceled

Live weekly group calls

Weekly action steps

Community Hub

Tools & Resources library

Empow(H)er Coaching

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