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Empow(H)er 1:1 Coaching

A dynamic & systematic approach to reclaiming your personal power that will help you break through the glass ceilings in your life.

Be free from the procrastination and self-sabotage that has been
keeping you stuck and build the business, impact and freedom of your dreams!

"I am so grateful to have Sabrina as a Coach! I believe that she was meant to be part of my life. It's not just the (results), it's that I have so much more confidence in what I can do! I am so so excited for what this year has available for each of us!" - VR.

"Working with Sabrina has given me so much strength and healing and continue to do so. I am so grateful that 2023 brought us together. There is less and less fear in showing up as myself and I couldn't ask for a better mentor."
- KE.

Coaching Strategy

1. AWARENESS - getting clarity on what is true, right now. The focus is on committing to a new mindset, envisioning new goals, and identifying new habits.
2. OWNERSHIP - creating change in the areas that will have the greatest overall impact; mindset practices, goal setting, and habit formation.
3. INTEGRATION - the coaching sessions will be the vehicle of change, providing the tools for change, so that we can manifest the change you seek.
4. Selling you on YOU - with this ‘level up’ version of yourself now in existence, we take the work beyond yourself, identifying your big-picture commitment to your greater mission.

Tools/Techniques to build the most empowered you:

PUSH Coaching
Life Audit
‘Big Goals’ session
Building Habits
Taking Consistent Action & the inevitable obstacles
Accountability as the vehicle for change
Setting the rhythm of change
The tools of change (in-session & beyond)
PUSH Coaching integration
Selling you on YOU!
Big-picture commitment & declaring your mission

"I joined Sabrina recently thanks to my dear friend, A - My realization is that I can do tough things if I deal with the chatter in my mind! Sabrina's reccomendations... work! Try it out!" - SG.

"Sabrina says things with such empathy for the struggles we have! I totally feel seen and heard and understood, without feeling preached to, just nudged onwards!" - JC.

Thinking that you don't belong in Coaching of this level?

Think about it this way... why would you make the courageous decision to spend your money to get into an environment that you feel like you already belong in?

We invest in our growth in order to have the access to gain the kind of awareness, knowledge and skill that the people we look up to have. So by deciding not to walk into the door of this level, you are delaying your own breakthroughs, growth and success.

My dear friend and mentor Josh Coats says "What if you made the decision to show up and GROW INTO the room, instead of waiting to fit into the room?"

What if you fully embraced the truth of the power of the quality of your conversations and the expectations of your environment?

It's time to decide that with your hopes and dreams at the wheel, you will no longer allow fear and doubt to drive the car...


Empow(H)er Coaching

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