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This is blocking your weight loss success!

💥Stop doing this immediately!⁣

Between my beautiful success partner and myself, we have lost over 200lbs… not only both successfully keeping that weight off, but continuing to look better and better into our 40’s.⁣

And we did it by changing one simple thing:⁣

As women of a certain age 🤪 we grew up in an era that idolised ‘skinny’. The smaller you were, the more worthy you were… or at least that’s what it always felt like. ⁣

Look at us… one a beautiful curvy Latina, the other a confusing mix of African, European & Middle Eastern… how do you think we fared in THAT societal expectation?! 🙄⁣

Perhaps you can relate. ⁣

We tried everything to make our unwilling bodies become as small as all the examples of beauty and worth that were thrust in our faces… and it left us in quite a mess of yo-yo dieting, desperately believing any claims we saw that promised “quick” and “easy” weight loss. ⁣

Here’s what changed:⁣

We decided that there MUST be a better way. ⁣

We stopped looking for easy. ⁣

And we put ourselves in an ecosystem that taught us about HEALTH, STRENGTH & INTRINSIC VALUE. ⁣

200lbs+ later… we’re healthier, stronger, more confident and vital in our 40’s than we were in our 20’s, and it doesn’t even stop here!⁣

And that’s what has been possible because we said ‘yes’ to partnering with this company that puts your health and wellbeing at the forefront of this business opportunity. ⁣

It’s about you. ⁣

It’s about the women that you will empower. ⁣

It’s about all the countless moments I’ve had this weekend, heart-to-heart with the women I have had the immense honour of serving in their health and business-building journeys. ⁣

It’s about the deep connections made because you FINALLY know your worth and attract people who see YOU. ⁣

I’ve been here for 7+ years for a reason, and I’d love to share that same opportunity with you. ⁣

Explore the 'Health Coaching' page here for the latest & greatest ⁣that I'm doing with my client commUNITY and come be part of this!

Love you. Mean it xx


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