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Thoughts from Super Bowl 2024

What. A. Game!!

Sure, the Super Bowl was hella entertaining, if you’re into that, but I’m talking about this game of LIFE!⁣

Do you have a problem showing up consistently for your business/career/health/relationships because you’re “not motivated” or “don’t have time”? Or are you struggling with consistency because you’ve already given up on the next play?!⁣

I see too many women walking around with their head down, shoulders slumped forward, fully defeated by life, because the first 20/30/40 seasons have not been winning ones, totally blind to the 30/40/50/60 seasons still left to play.⁣

Our past results do not get to be a predictor of our future outcomes UNLESS WE LET THEM!⁣

You’ve got that champion mentality in you, sis. ⁣

I see it every day in how you show up for the people you love and the obligations you have. ⁣

Can you turn some of that grit and tenacity towards yourself and the things YOU want for your life?⁣

Because it’s not always the best players that win… it’s the ones who have unshakeable belief that they can.⁣

Believe again, my darling. ⁣

⁣Listen to my take on that KC Chiefs win HERE!

Love you. Mean it 💋⁣


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