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'Delusion' or 'Manifestation'?

Believe in yourself so much that it’s borderline delusional. ⁣

⁣I heard that advise☝🏽from someone a while back and it has literally been the thing that has helped me pick myself up again every time the hard of this journey feels too much.⁣

⁣And if you struggle to believe in yourself like that, surround yourself with people who do. ⁣

Man, the love that I’ve felt from my commUNITY these past couple of days… I can’t even express my gratitude. I wrote back to every single person who took the time to send me words of encouragement and belief and (in some cases), “shut the fuck up, Patrice!”, but still I don’t think I said enough of how much it means to me. ⁣

⁣You see, when you have lived the better part of 41 years believing the stories implanted in you by the words and treatment of others; stories of ‘you don’t matter’, ‘you don’t belong’, ‘you’re not enough’ and ‘you’re not chosen’, you find evidence EVERYWHERE of their truth and you get used to the internal battle of trying to tell yourself something different.⁣

⁣So when life starts to hand you evidence of a different story; a story of your growth, your influence and your significance, it’s somewhat unsettling 🫠!⁣

But here’s what my commUNITY helped me realise over the past 72hrs:⁣

If you want to write a new story for yourself, you must first ACCEPT it as your truth and then be willing to LET GO of the stories that have been your identity up until now.⁣

⁣And that’s uncomfortable as fuck!⁣

This week, as I graduated as a Jay Shetty Certified Life Coach (specialising in Empowerment Coaching for female Entrepreneurs 🤩), I accept and I let go.⁣

As a new friend said to me yesterday, “the ceiling to your education could be the ceiling to someone else’s success”.⁣

⁣Amen to that!⁣

And cheers to us, my darling. ⁣Because I am all about OUR success!

This is a commUNITY win and I’m so thankful for you.⁣

xoxo Sabs xxx


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