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Imagine, the thing they ridiculed you for...

... is now what you get celebrated for!

The bitchy part of us wants to be super smug about that, doesn’t it?! 😏🤣⁣

But the healing, growing and evolving part of us knows that it’s just a sign that there was never anything wrong with us, there were simply wrong people and/or environments for us. ⁣

I read this recently and it made me freeze in my tracks. Like, I literally had my coffee cup halfway to my mouth. Gio looked at me in that way he does when he knows my woo-woo is about to come out 🤪 and I had to take a second to find my breath again. ⁣

“Who wants you whole and who prefers you broken?” - Dr. Thema Bryant ⁣

Read it again. ⁣

We live so much of our lives hiding who we really are in order to appease the people we’re around. We fall into behaviours and self-censorship patterns because it’s safer than enduring the ridicule or judgment they would fling our way. ⁣

Get new people. ⁣

Seriously. ⁣

“Silly girl, your different was your beautiful all along” - Atticus⁣

Things are much brighter and much more free on this side of the loooooong arduous journey of self respect! Because that’s what this boils down to, we’re clear on that, right?!⁣

You can’t achieve the things you want for your life if you continue to look at yourself through the eyes of the joyless and judgemental. ⁣

But when you get in rooms where you’re celebrated, where you’re seen, where your uplifted and where your hopes and dreams are met with a knowing glance of “yes, girl 🤩” rather than the side-eye of “yeah, alright 😒”, you have the ability to change it all. ⁣

Go where you’re celebrated, sis. ⁣

Soon, the ones who made you feel less than for your wide-open heart and vision for more will be asking you how you did it 😉⁣


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