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What if...?

This ONE RULE applied to EVERY part of my life where change was a MUST:⁣

⁣* how I lost over 100lbs⁣

* how I’m in recovery from an eating disorder⁣

* how I’m healing from my past BS⁣

* how we’ve repaired our marriage⁣

* how I built my Health Coaching business⁣

* how I launched my Life Coaching business⁣

* how I’m mentoring our team to new heights⁣

* how I’m living the life I once could only hope for ⁣

I stopped doing ‘the things’ to see if it would work for me. I stopped doing it to see if I would ‘win’.⁣

⁣And I did the things UNTIL I WON.⁣

⁣Could it really be that simple?⁣

⁣If I’m to be an example of anything, it is how SIMPLE this can all be. ⁣


Simple. ⁣

Make the decision. ⁣

And I knoooooowwww how that sounds… “just make the decision” 🙄⁣

In my experience, there’s no “just” about it. ⁣

It’s hard AF to show up everyday and put one foot in front of the other on this path to our healing, growth and transformation. ⁣

⁣But, when you can ask yourself “what if…” and complete the sentence with a spark of belief in what YOU are truly capable of… man!! You engage the power to change it all!⁣

⁣It’s your time. It’s your turn. ⁣

⁣Love you. Mean it 💋⁣


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