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Is divorce on the table?

When starting on a new goal, do you find yourself saying "I'll do this and see if it works" or "I'll try"?

If the answer is "Oh, Sabs, you got me!", I want you to realise that you are keeping divorce on the table.

Let me explain...

If divorce is an option in a marriage, when things get rough or it becomes challenging, it's easy to cut and run. In fact, you'll probably be actively looking for reasons why this is not going to work. However, if divorce is not an option in that same marriage, you'll be committed to finding a solution and working through the tough times together.

The same applies to the goals we have for our lives.

Want to lose weight? Take divorce off the table and commit to your process.

Want to get a new qualification? Take divorce off the table and do the work necessary.

Want to build a business? Take divorce off the table and do the damn thing.

You see, when we change our approach from "I'll do this and see if it works" to "I'll do this UNTIL it works", the things we once believed were impossible for us to achieve become our reality!

It really is that simple.

The things we say to ourselves matter the most and I want you to get the results you are looking for from the work you are doing. Change your mindset, transform your life!




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